DIY Christmas Decor

This cute DIY Wooden Snowman is perfect for your holiday home decor! These make cute, inexpensive gifts for friends, family, teachers, and more!

Cut your branch into slices of varying sizes. This allows to have a head, body, and bottom for the snowman

Step 1: Cut pieces to size.

Use a sander to flatten the bottom of the snowman's bottom. This will help him stand up on his own.

Step 2: Choose and prepare your slices for your snowman.

Step 3: Drill holes and start to assemble

Drill aligning holes that will attach the 3 sections, holes  in the side of  the midsection for the arms, and holes in the midsection for the pins..

Step 4: Add key details

Draw or add pins for the snowman's eyes and buttons. Draw or use a wood burner for the smile. Add the twigs to the midsection for arms.

Step 4: Assemble and finish

Thread a dowel or wooden skewer through the aligning holes, attaching the head, midsection, and base.

Add a scarf, and you're done! These are easily reusable, and you can even disassemble them for packing up safely.

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