DIY Coffee Table Tray

DIY Coffee Table Tray

Cut your 1x4x8 board into the 7 pieces that will be used for the tray.

Step 1: Cut pieces to size.

Using glue and screws, put together to sides of the tray.

Step 2: Assemble sides of tray.

Step 3: Assemble the bottom.

Using glue and screws, secure the three boards together with the sides.

Step 4: Attach the handles

Center the handles on the short sides of the tray and screw to attach.

You're all done! Or, you can be done at this point. You could also stain or paint your tray or decorate it to fit your style best.

You can make a homemade stain using coffee, white vinegar, and steel wool!

You could also stencil on a name, pattern, image, quotes, and more!

Swipe up for the tutorial!

Swipe up for the tutorial!