DIY Tree Branch Reindeer

This cute DIY Reindeer is perfect for your holiday home decor! These make cute, inexpensive gifts for friends, family, teachers, and more!

Body: 3-4 inches, 2" dia. Head: 2 inches, 1" dia. + 2 long twigs for antlers + 4 short twigs for legs

Step 1: Cut pieces to size.

Body: 1 hole for neck, 4 holes for legs Head: 1 hole for neck, 2 holes for antlers Tip: Use toothpicks to help make sure the angle is right

Step 2: Drill holes

Use a belt sander to take the bark off part of the head to create a "face"

Step 3: Add detail

This is entirely optional. If all the parts are secured in the drilled holes, you can skip gluing for easy storage every year.

Step 4: Glue together

You could add eyes and a mouth if you prefer, or you can keep the rustic, natural look with just the wood.

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